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JRuby Desktop App for SoftToken II

Lately I have been noticing how many mouse clicks it takes me to achieve certain tasks on the computer. After I ran into this article from the RubyLearning Blog I decided to attempt to lessen the number of clicks for these tasks. One of the applications I use quite often is SoftToken II when VPN'ing into work from home/coffee shop/etc... Thought it might be useful to create an tray application that would allow me easy access to SoftToken. Enough jibber jabber I'll just get right into the code.


class SoftToken  
  include Java

  def self.start(command = "./soft_token", working_directory =   '/Applications/SofToken II.app/Contents/MacOS')
  cmd = String.new(command)
  work_dir = java::io::File.new(working_directory)

    r = java.lang.Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmd, nil, work_dir)
    rescue Exception => e
      $stderr.print "Java told me: #{e}"

What it does: The SoftToken class takes the command and working directory of the application you want to run. I use the Java Runtime class exec command to actually start up the application. You you might also notice the ruby exception handeling with begin and rescue. I found this article to be quite helpful in understanding the differences between JRuby and Java exceptions Dealing with Java exceptions in JRuby . If an exception does occur it is just being printed to stderr. One thing to notice also is that I simlinked soft_token to the SoftToken II executable.

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